Avoid Traffic With A Helicopter Charter

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to own my own helicopter. After a few minutes of thinking though, I realized that this would be very impractical. First, I would need to become a helicopter pilot which often takes years. It would need to be my profession. Second, if I didn’t become a helicopter pilot, I would at least need to pay salary to a helicopter pilot. Third, I would be responsible for the continual maintenance of the helicopter. Fourth, I would need to rent hangar space to store the helicopter.

For these and other reasons, I’ve concluded that it would be a terrible reason for me to attempt to own a helicopter.

There’s a recording studio by my home though, and I regularly see a helicopter charter land and take off. The helicopter usually brings musicians who will be recording at the studio.

Using a helicopter charter would be a great way to avoid traffic. In the community where I live, construction abounds. About the only thing as common as cars on the roadway are traffic cones. Many of the main roads near my home are also under construction.

Using a helicopter charter would be a great way to shave time off any trip.

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Produce Labels: A Representation of Quality?

As a child, I used to enter the store with my mother and ask her to buy the product on the shelf that was exactly the one that I had seen on television the day before. Everybody cool would have it, and everybody who belonged would buy it in order to remain in that category. As a child, I did comprehend what a label meant.

For many, produce labels are a simple representation of a product not worth the price asked for it. It is a way of abusing the capitalist system because the product is not generally exceptional enough for the money one would spend in order to own it. However, there is an undeniable truth associated with produce labels. That is, more often than not, produce labels mean higher quality and more honest production of goods. Indeed, because of the price of a product under a particular label, one can expect the product to be true to its given definition and to be satisfying in regards to quality. The way it is commercialized is often an accurate portraying of its nature.

Moreover, instead of destroying or abusing capitalism, labels are an effective way of sustaining and supporting the true and original definition of our economic system. Should a capitalist necessarily buy a product because of its label? Obviously, reason opposes such logic. Yet, a capitalist should definitely not stop her/himself from buying a product because it has a label. It would contradict the very idea of capitalism itself!

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