Yorkie Puppies for Sale

If you are feeling upset maybe you should look at Yorkie puppies for sale. I do not mean that you need to go out and buy one, even though that would be really great. Seriously, all you need to do it look at Yorkie puppies for sale online, and your day will be greatly improved.

The world can be an overwhelming place: war, poverty, obesity, peak oil, and the constant threat of nuclear war are just a few of the things that could make a person hide under the covers and never come out. But wait, I have a secret to tell you that might make everything a lot better… Are you ready? Okay listen closely… Puppies exist! Whenever I am feeling down, I just look at pictures of puppies for sale and think about how that is all that matters.

How can anyone be worried about peak oil and the destruction of all energy when there are puppies to be looked at!? These are all problems that we can’t fix, so why stress out about them? I used to spend my days wondering if I could change the world, but now I just spend hours looking at cute animals online instead!

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