Rochester MN Apartments for Rent

So I’m sitting on the porch of my apartment complex staring across the parking lot at the “Rochester MN Apartments for Rent” sign, when I start wondering to myself what it would be like to have a zombie apocalypse hit the university I attend. I was apparently really bored to have been thinking about that, but whatever.

Honestly, I think that my apartments might be a pretty effective location from which to stave off a zombie hoard. The Rochester MN Apartments for rent are pretty secure. Each door is pass code protected and we all know that zombies can’t remember four digit pass codes after they are infected. There are fire extinguishers with which to defend yourself, and plenty of windows to jump from if things get really zombie…y.

Alright enough with the zombies. I don’t need zombie apocalypse fantasies to make my life more interesting.

Fun fact: Did you know that apartment building similar in design and function to our own have existed since the height of the Roman Empires power before the turn of the last millennium? Man, those Romans were smart. Except for the communal bathhouse thing. I wonder if they had pool parties back then? For that matter, did they have pools?

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Great Oaks Apartments Rochester MI

I think I am pretty tired of living in a normal kind of space. The old house is a design that just doesn’t suit me anymore. I might just pick a city at random and then build a house in a tree or something. I’m sure there are a lot of Great Oaks apartments Rochester MI has to offer. I could definitely open up one of the great oaks and fit my entire life into it. Haven’t you guys seen that video of the guy who has like twenty-six rooms in a studio apartment? It would be just like that, only hippies would love it as well.

Great Oaks Apartments Rochester MI: that could easily go on some shirts to commemorate the event of my life-changing discoveries involving modern tree-dwelling. Within a few generations people will be clambering up large trees after a long day of work. We will all be living like David the Gnome and The Littlebits before too much time has even passed. When these events finally unfold you will all know who to come and thank. After all, you know that you read about it here first, so don’t even try to deny it. Seriously don’t even try.

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Apartment for Rent Albany NY

I really enjoy going to college. I like being able to set my own schedule, study what I want, work where I want, and live where I want. Being on my own for the last year has taught me a lot about what it means to be independent. I’ve learned that it isn’t easy living with roommates you don’t know. It isn’t easy being self sufficient, and there’s really no one to fall back on if you screw things up.

I’ll never forget the first time I looked for an apartment, suddenly all the “apartment for rent Albany NY” signs took on new meaning. Every rent-able property was an opportunity for me. I thought I knew it all and signed a year long lease fairly quickly. I came to bitterly regret signing so fast into a contract I shared with five guys I didn’t know at the time. Still, every mistake is a learning experience. Seeing an apartment for rent Albany NY now still takes me back to my baby steps as a college student.

I’m interested to see where I’ll end up a year from now. Maybe I’ll have a new major, a different car, or a new apartment. I’m not sure yet but I’m excited to find out whats in store for me.

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Springtree Apartments Middleton WI

It’s always sunny in Springtree Apartments Middleton WI? But seriously, it’s not always sunny in Springtree Apartments Middleton WI. In fact, that part of the country gets downright cold much of the time. I don’t really dig being cold. My body finds it somewhat uncomfortable. You ever watch a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field on TV in the winter? You’ve got guys on the field slipping all over the place and not being able to hold onto the ball because it’s so cold. Then you’ve got shirtless dudes in the stands that have pounded down so many Wisconsin lagers that they are completely unable to tell that hypothermia started setting in around the middle of the second quarter.

If I had to live in a cold weather climate much of the year, I think I might move. If that wasn’t an option, well, I don’t know what I would do. I think that I would have somebody run over my shin with a snowmobile so that I could file for disability and sit in my nice warm apartment in the Springtree Apartments Middleton WI and collect disability checks from the government. Hey, who needs dignity anyways? It’s overated.

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Apartments Middleton WI

Are you thinking of renting in the Apartments Middleton WI? Besides being in Wisconsin, which is awesome enough, there are other pluses about living in Apartments Middleton WI. There are the Green Bay Packers, who are a contender year in and year out. There’s the cheese. We all know that cheese goes great on pretty much anything. Finally there’s the snow; snow is not useful for much else other than sliding on and throwing.

Having lots of snow around is like being constantly armed as long as you know how to use it. The art of a snowball is not as simple as you might think. Many people unwisely enter a snowball fight with no knowledge and quickly find themselves unable to effect their opponent. First off, a decent arm is essential. Practicing during the warmer months with a baseball is smart if you want to properly utilize a snowball. Second, recognizing the type of snow you’re working with is key. Powder is often very light and difficult to pack. Holding the powderball long enough to melt some of it is essential to not having the ball break apart before hitting your target. You’re average medium density snowball is easy to form without having to worry about cohesion issues and needs little explanation, only the right arm behind the throw. The most versatile snowball contains a high proportion of slush and ice. When this snowball connects with a target, particularly in the facial region, the effects can be devestating. This is the Hydrogen Bomb of snowballs. If you throw this one correctly, be prepared to defend yourself against legal charges.

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