Soccer Tips

There was a summer not too long ago when I thought that I was going to get really good at soccer. The first thing that I did was go online and get all the soccer tips that I could find. I watched video after video of helpful advice, and prepared myself to run out onto the field and be an expert.

For any one out there who has a brain, it should be obvious that this did not work at all. Soccer tips from an online source don’t really do much for adding coordination and the like to someone’s physical repertoire. I learned that lesson the hard way, and I soon spent more time out in the field, trying things out for myself firsthand. I still used those soccer tips, but I just applied them more slowly instead of thinking that I already had them down because I watched a video about them.

To make a longer story a little less long, I definitely have not played soccer since that summer, so there was no real lesson to be learned. Either way I would have quit and never picked it up again. I guess I learned something about myself, but it was something that I already knew.

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