Lake Tahoe

I have seen enough Spring Break photo albums on Facebook to know that there is no shortage of Lake Tahoe activities out there. Maybe you could ride on a boat, or maybe you could eat a lot of food and drink from a red cup, and if all else fails just get really tan.

The point of all that was just to say that I have never been on a spring break trip. Sure the Lake Tahoe activities look pretty inviting, but I just don’t think that that is really me. I prefer to sit at home with a nice book and my thoughts. I might have a good time on one of those crazy trips, but I am pretty sure that there is a pretty big divide between the people who go on spring break and people like me.

This divide is there for a reason: it is to keep me from making fun of them, and to protect me from getting beaten up by a lot of really tan guys. The world is the way it is for a reason, and who are we to try and change those things? I am planning on leaving them all just as they are.

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